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About Us

About us

The largest construction and demolition debris recycling facility in NYC.

With over one mile of conveyor belts connecting more than one hundred pieces of machinery, our brand new state-of-the-art sorting line is designed to process 2,000 tons per day and recover up to 95% of incoming material.

Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your materials!

Our new four-scale operation – 2 for inbound and 2 for outbound – means shorter lines and less time idling. Your trucks can dump and go in under 10 minutes no matter how busy we are! The time savings are huge and translate to significant reductions in cost!

Proudly Women-owned Business Enterprise.

Cooper Recycling is a privately held, women-owned and family-operated business. We are proudly led by women and maintain WBE Certification from the City of New York.

Since 1986

Cooper Recycling has been operating in Brooklyn since 1986 and we’ve been leaders in advancing environmental progress in the NYC construction industry ever since. For over thirty years it has been our goal to divert materials from landfill, always seeking to improve our operation through new recycling technologies and techniques.

Facts and figures


Plastic materials, such as paint buckets, bottles, crates, packaging and garbage bags are separated by grade (HDPE, LDPE, PET, PVC, etc) baled, and recycled to various end markets. Many of Cooper’s recycled products are used in auto parts, paint buckets, garbage cans, and other consumer goods.

Concrete / Brick

Concrete and brick are separated, crushed and recycled back in to aggregate materials such as road beds, or used to reproduce those same materials. Concrete debris comprises about 25% of the total construction debris stream and is deeply energy-intensive to produce, however it’s highly recyclable!


Small stones, porcelain, tile, ceramic is crushed into small pieces and similarly reused for the production of road beds and similar products.


Wood is separated through various mechanical sorting processes and is used to substitute fossil fuels like coal at co-generation power plants. Wood can also be recycled into animal bedding for agricultural use and for household pets, or it can be incorporated into new wood products, like tables and furniture.

Dry Wall

Our friends at Building Product Ecosystem have done major work to advance the recycling efforts of Gypsum Wallboard (aka Drywall). If handled properly, gypsum/wallboard can be recycled into new wallboard, used in cement production, and incorporated as a soil amendment. For more information on the importance of drywall recycling, check out BPE’s website!


Scrap metal and metal debris have been recycled back into metal products for as long as it has been in use! In fact, most of the metal that has ever been produced is still in use today! At Cooper Recycling, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are captured through a series of magnets and eddy currents. Metals are highly recyclable in domestic markets which is critical - an immense amount of energy is required to produce metal from raw materials and recycling it locally means less energy is wasted to move it around!

Paper/Corrugated Cardboard

Recycling used cardboard into new cardboard is much less energy intensive than producing new cardboard from virgin materials. Paper and corrugated cardboard are recovered through our mechanical sorting process. Bales of paper are sent to paper mills domestically and internationally where they are recycled back in to paper products.


Fine materials are comprised of dirt, dust, tiny pieces of wood, crushed rock, stone and brick that are present in all C&D material. It makes up roughly 30%-35% of C&D material by weight. Screened fines are sent to landfills for use as ‘Alternative Daily Cover’ where it is used as a substitute for virgin dirt in various applications at the landfills. When refined, in certain applications, this material can also be used to restore the earth in land reclamation projects.

Industries we service



As a pioneer of construction recycling in New York City, Cooper Recycling offers decades of experience in construction debris processing and waste management planning. Cooper Recycling has helped countless corporations embarking on all sorts of construction activities achieve their recycling goals through our services. Whether you are a building owner, general contractor, or multinational company — if you want to recycle your construction debris, Cooper Recycling is here for you.



Cooper Recycling was founded on the principle that construction and demolition debris can be recycled sustainably and efficiently. This is true from an environmental perspective and economically speaking.

The reality is that many want to recycle but are often concerned about cost. Because of its size and recycling capabilities, Cooper Recycling is typically the most economical option for construction managers in New York City regardless of sustainability goals. The fact that we deploy leading recycling techniques is an added bonus that has no added costs!

At Cooper Recycling, we have four scales – two inbound and two outbound – so trucks are constantly in motion and never idling. For hauling companies this means your trucks can dump and go in under 10 minutes no matter how busy we are! The time savings here are substantial, and over the course of a project translate to significant reductions in cost!



If you’re a contractor who handles the disposal of materials on your own, you know firsthand how valuable your time is. At Cooper Recycling, we don’t waste your materials and we certainly don’t waste your time!

Cooper Recycling is the only construction & demolition debris recycling facility that has space for up to TEN trucks to unload materials by hand in a specially designated area away from the main pile. This area is reserved just for you so that you can unload your debris safely without dodging large trucks unloading or loading debris.

Stop waiting on lines to dump! Come to Cooper Recycling, recycle your debris, and realize firsthand how significant these savings can be for your project!

LEED reporting services

Cooper Recycling is the first recycling facility in New York to successfully achieve Certification from the Recycling Certification Institute, allowing us to stand behind our recycling rates with integrity.

If your aim is LEED certification and managing your construction waste efficiently, Cooper can help you achieve your goals. With over 35 years of experience and the most advanced recycling facility of its kind, Cooper is uniquely positioned to offer solutions that will maximize diversion from landfills and help you achieve your LEED goals.

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